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Aesthetic Treatments Oxford

My name is Sharon Hagen, I am a trained medical professional who has over 20 years of experience working in the beauty industry. Aesthetics is a relatively new and exciting field. However, it is also highly unregulated and anyone can perform treatments.

I created 1 To 1 Health & Beauty to offer non-surgical cosmetic treatments but in a very safe and regulated environment. I offer free no-obligation consultations where we can discuss your needs and what you hope to achieve with treatment.

It is important that you are fully informed before you begin any treatment so you have a complete understanding about the risks as well as the results. Prior to each treatment, I will discuss your medical history, any conditions as well as any medications you are taking.

Whatever treatment you decide to get, I will guide you through each stage of the process so you feel supported every step of the way. If you are interested in an aesthetic treatment in Oxford why not contact me at 1 To 1 Health & Beauty, for further information.




My Values

Total Professionalism

I use the most reliable products on the market; Allergan Botox®, Juvederm and Dermalogica. I maintain extremely high standards which is reflected in my membership of the ACE Group. They provide training, guidance and advice to help aesthetic clinics deliver high quality treatments around the world.

Complete Care

As a medical professional your health is my number one priority. I provide complete aftercare and offer check-up consultations where we discuss your health and examine the results of your treatment. You will feel supported at all times when getting treatment at 1 To 1 Health & Beauty.

Continuous Learning

I am committed to learning and developing my knowledge of aesthetics and care. In the near future I am looking to further my training in  nursing which will enable me to enrol into various aesthetic governing bodies in order to maintain my safety in this field.



My Location

1 To 1 Health & Beauty is located in Drayton, Abingdon. I am very close to Didcot, Watchfield, Swindon, Oxford and Abingdon. My hours are very flexible, and I can work late nights and on weekends. Please contact me on Whatsapp on 07577 419 683 or call me on 07889 780 807 if you would like to book an aesthetic treatment in Oxford.

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 1 to 1 health and beauty non-surgical cosmetic treatments. We stock dermalogica.

 1 to 1 health and beauty non-surgical cosmetic treatments. We stock juvederm.

1 to 1 health and beauty non-surgical cosmetic treatments. We stock allergan.




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